Winning Presentations

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Winning Presentations: How to Speak in Public with Power, Passion and Confidence


This Course is For You If…

 You want to feel more confident about speaking in public
 You are an owner/manager with a great product/service, but find it difficult to make presentations in a sales environment or a general business environment
You find yourself tongue-tied when speaking in public
You avoid opportunities to present your products or services, leading to missed sales
You watch confident, skilled presenters and wish you could present like they do



Learning Outcomes

 How to plan and practice for presentations effectively
 How to start and finish presentations
 What to say and how to say it
 How to introduce and use humour


Whether you are an experienced speaker, needing to brush up on your delivery or you have had little or no experience of presenting, this course will give you the confidence to design and deliver an effective presentation.

The prime focus is on delivery and speaking skills and the design and use of visual aids.

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the course, you will be able to construct and deliver brilliant presentations to use in meetings, at networking events and when speaking to small or large audiences.

You will learn and use techniques to improve your self-confidence and instantly be able to deal with nerves.

Programme/Course Content

 Ensure you have effective audience-related content
 How to analyse your audience and pre-plan
 How to create meaningful visual aids
 How to open and close with impact

 Presentation construction techniques and strategies
 Ways to control and deal with nerves