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Negotiating: How to Negotiate and Achieve the Right Deal for You and Your Customers


This Course is For You If…

 You are an owner/manager with a great product/service but lack the skills or confidence to negotiate with customers and suppliers
 You find yourself discounting on price just to close a deal
 Negotiating is a part of your role and you’ve had little or no training in how to do it


Learning Outcomes

 Secure collaborative win-win results
 Use the most appropriate strategies and tactics for effective negotiation
 Understand and demonstrate how to create value in your proposals that don’t only focus on price
 Be able to calmly work through client objections
 Prepare and plan for the best possible results
 Recognise when and how to close the deal


This course is designed to provide you with the essential techniques and strategies to understand how negotiating fits into the sales process, and how to plan for and conclude your negotiations.

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the course, you will have the confidence to enter into negotiations, and how to avoid talking about money until the time is right to do so.

Programme/Course Content

 The most effective response to the question “could you do it cheaper?
 Understanding the game of negotiation and deciding how you want to play
 Negotiation styles and personal preparation
 The three stages of negotiation

 The importance of win-win
 Trading and closing the deal