Finance for Non-Finance Managers

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Finance for Non-Finance Managers: How to Understand and Speak with Confidence About
Financial Issues in Your Business


This Course is For You If…

You are a Manager or Business Owner wishing to gain a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of business finance, and how finance impacts on the decisions that are made on a day-to-day basis, either at a departmental or company-wide level.



Learning Outcomes

 An understanding of the basic principles and terminology of finance
 How to interpret key financial information
 How to communicate and present your financial position and budgets more credibly to your colleagues
 The difference between turnover, profit, and cash flow 
 An understanding of the methodologies and language of the finance function
 How to read and understand annual reports and company accounts
 Key approaches to calculating profitability and liquidity
 How to evaluate projects from a financial perspective


This course provides a grounding in key financial documents, processes and terminology for non-financial managers.

Benefits of Attending

You’ll have developed an understanding of key financial documents and financial terminology used in business. You’ll be able to interpret financial information and use financial reports to manage your day-to-day business activity.

Programme/Course Content

 The legalities of Finance
 An introduction to business Finance
 Jargon to watch out for!
 Accounting Fundamentals

 Ways to make and increase profit
 Evaluating business opportunities
 Measuring business performance