Sales Skills

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Sales Skills: How to Enjoy and Get Great Results When Selling Face-to-Face or by Telephone


This Course is For You If…

You are a prospective or existing salesperson with little or no formal training and need a great understanding of the sales process. On return to the workplace, you will be able to sell with confidence, enthusiasm and determination.



Learning Outcomes

 Develop a powerful sales structure that will improve your sales results
 Understand how sales psychology affects you and the buyer
 Develop the key skills of successful salespeople
 Match your sales style to the buyer's style
 Guide your customers through the sales process overcoming objections through problem-solving techniques
 Present your products that solve the customers' problems


This course provides the basic skills and knowledge required to be successful at selling. Interactive practice sessions will enable the development of skills in a safe environment. Elements of sales psychology will help you to understand why your customers react and how to deal with them, enabling you to build more rewarding relationships.

Benefits of Attending

Attendees will develop the skills and confidence to actively sell their products and services, leading to higher sales, less wasted time, and enhanced personal motivation.

Programme/Course Content

 What is Selling?
 What makes people buy?
 Knowing your products and services - their strengths, weaknesses and unique features
 Distinguishing between your product's features and benefits

 Planning for a Successful Sales Meeting
 Successful Sales Meetings or Calls
 Motivating the Customer to Listen
 Using questioning and listening techniques to establish real needs
 Handle Objections