Introduction to Project Management

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Introduction to Project Management: How to Plan, Manage and Close Successful Projects


This Course is For You If…

 You are new to project management, or have been a project manager for some time but have never received any formal training on how to manage projects.
 You would benefit from a step-by-step session with an expert on how to plan, manage and close projects effectively.
You are non-project staff and desire an appreciation of the project environment and project management terminology.



Learning Outcomes

 Recognise when it is appropriate to adopt a ‘project’ approach to managing your workload
 Apply a simple life cycle to a project to break it into easy to manage stages
 Clearly define your projects to provide real clarity in terms of background, objectives, project scope, and critical success factors
 Identify and manage risks proactively
 Become more effective in monitoring and controlling the project work, change requests and resourcing pressures by using best practice processes and techniques
 Understand what lessons can be learnt from managing work using a project approach


This course is designed to clarify and explain the basic aspects of project management in order for participants to gain confidence in their project environment.

It will help you to recognise the key aspects of a project and the importance of your role within it.

Benefits of Attending

This course focuses on exploring the key principles of successful project management and incorporates a number of easy to apply, effective tools and techniques that, when applied in the workplace, will allow you to become more confident and competent in managing a project.

Programme/Course Content

 What project management is and what makes a good project manager
 Why projects fail and common pitfalls to avoid
 Stakeholder and risk analysis 
 Project Management Model - the steps you should follow

 How to use Gantt charts
 Motivating your team
 How to ensure your project succeeds - top tips