Dealing With Difficult Situations

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Difficult Situations: How to Deal With Difficult Customers and Staff Effectively and Confidently


This Course is For You If…

You want to learn essential tips and techniques on how to become more confident and professional when dealing with ‘difficult’ people and challenging situations at work.



Learning Outcomes

 Possess the necessary skills for dealing with difficult customers
 Learn how to negotiate positive outcomes (for you and the customer or staff member) to a problem
 Communicate and convince people of your intentions with regards to, for example, service provision
 Have the necessary skills to cope with contentious people and situations, and be able to negotiate a positive outcome for all parties


Our Dealing with Difficult Situations course is an insightful and practical guide on how to manage yourself and the difficult people you encounter in your workplace.

It will provide you with skills and techniques to enable you to develop the confidence to be proactive and not reactive when challenged by people and circumstances.

Benefits of Attending

Attendees will learn how to understand other people’s behaviour and how to respond appropriately to a variety of difficult situations.

Programme/Course Content

 Understanding our own, and other peoples, behaviour patterns
 The importance of congruent language and body language
 Reviewing our rights and responsibilities
 How to give feedback and bad news

 How to say no
 Key tools and techniques