Networking Skills

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Networking: How to Build Great Business Relationships and Enjoy Meeting Strangers


This Course is For You If…

 You are an owner/manager with a great product/service, but find it difficult to talk about it in a way that makes people want to listen
 You avoid business social situations and events
You don’t like making “small talk”
You find yourself seeking out people you already know at networking events
You find it scary to talk to strangers at business and social events
You want to develop some effective responses to the question “what do you do then?”



Learning Outcomes

 Understand the role and importance of Networking to visibility, reputation and business growth
 Be aware of the key elements of planning and preparation for any/all business networking events
 Understand why it is better to listen than to talk
 Know how to make a powerful first impression
 Have a framework to develop a compelling elevator pitch
 Know how to “Work a Room” with increased self-confidence, knowing how to introduce yourself to new people, and how to leave conversations elegantly
 Earn the right to and know how to follow-up with potential business contacts after business networking events and to feel more comfortable making the all-important, but often nerve-racking, follow-up call


This course is designed to provide you with the essential techniques and strategies to network and build strong relationships with prospects and clients.

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the course, you will understand exactly what to do when attending a networking event, how to get better results from networking, how to enjoy the whole networking process and how to make lasting business relationships.

Programme/Course Content

 How networking can help your business to grow
 The importance of attending the right events, in the right way
 How to start and finish conversations
 The keys to effective infomercials and elevator speeches

 How to follow-up and guarantee to get past the gatekeeper
 Writing and practising answers to the question “what do you do?”