Training and Coaching for Children and Young Adults

At Abacus we are passionate about providing children with the skills to take responsibility for their lives; this responsibility starts with making them aware they can be responsible, then helping them to accept they can take responsibility for their lives, and then help/coach them to make their own (hopefully empowering) choices about their futures.


We focus on two key areas:

1. Training children directly, and

2. Training parents/guardians to become coaches to their children


The types of courses we run for children and young adults include:

 Coach yourself to success

 Manage, change or leave your peer group

 Understand what you want and how to get it

 Verbal communication is still important


The types of courses we run for parents/guardians include:

 Coaching Skills for Parents

 How to listen empathically

 Your choice at 13+ - helping your children to make empowering decisions

 Goal Setting

Non-violent communication